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3rd-Jun-2013 07:45 pm
tego approves

finally! after days of thinking about how to put up the entire thing, and forcing myself to finish it asap-- I FINALLY HAS MY ONLINE PORTFOLIO NAO! *insert cheers & applause here*

I feel like im such a complete failure as a designer if I dont have my online portfolio posted like my other colleagues. T_T its nothing much, but I hope it serves its purpose well representing me and my four years at design school. ( ._.)

its here! http://roxybunag.carbonmade.com feel free to visit it, friends!

constructive criticisms are also welcome, just let me know!♥♥♥

thats all for today~
4th-Jun-2010 04:58 am (UTC)
Nice! I long to have stuff like this but im a fail so i end up just busying myself in sleepland! hahaha
4th-Jun-2010 11:06 am (UTC)
seriously, you have no idea how long this took me just to finish! I had to fight my laziness for most of the time! LOLOLOL~ thank you for visiting! ^_^v
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