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welcome post. 
27th-Apr-2015 02:14 am
pirate cupcakes


Welcome to my little journal of fangirliness. if you happen to land here by mistake, simply press the back button or the close tab button on your navigator. thank you.

on the other hand, if you find my fandom amusing, or at some point- entertaining, (or if you share the same fandom as i do) feel free to add me! <3

i dont really post personal occurences that often, although i put it here sometimes- more often it's on my other blog, (the one that's nearly dying-- LOL)

it's currently F-Locked, but if you do have a multiply account, you can add me up nevertheless.
link is here. :D
by the way. i don't really add people there unless i know them. so anonymous-san, if you're going to add me in multiply, please introduce yourself a bit. thank you! <3

I guess that would be it for now. take care lovelies, and have a nice day! *hands cupcake*


"These days I've been busy
But I'll see you, I'm going to see you
The time revolving around, move this world
Collecting now in my hands the stars which I'm finding
For whom am I singing? Your voice is calling me
Everything is gonna start, Hello Goodbye"

Hello Goodbye- Aiba masaki
translation by: ayuchan.vox.com

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