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taken from lost_girl11 Leave me a comment and I will reply… 
25th-Oct-2008 02:09 pm
pirate cupcakes

taken from lost_girl11
Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you. If I don't know you, I'll either make something up or tell you why I like your livejournal. You must pay for the privilege by posting a message like this one on your livejournal.

this seems interesting, so i'd try it out. ^__^ also, since i've been too lazy posting-- Happy 13th Anniversary, Sho-kun! I wasnt aware that it was his anniversary until roamed around the comms. hee hee~ looks like Mr. Newscaster is truly a sempai in the JE world! *sniggers*

I havent bought cute school shoes to pair for my AME outfit yet-- i wonder where to buy? since i've got feet as big as a troll's. lulz. XD

also, Im in love with NEWS's concert theme this year-- Winter Party Diamond! it sounds like a victoria's secret fashion show title tho. hahaha~ but i dont care! the hat pin, strap, and the penlight are total ♥♥♥~
25th-Oct-2008 08:13 am (UTC)
the phone strap is so pretty really. i want it but it is so expensive. ;_; and you're going to cosplay? *____*

oh. and i know i haven't finished my reply to your comment yet, but me for the meme? ♥
26th-Oct-2008 02:20 am (UTC)
uwaaaa~ *o*

i dunno how i could top what you said to me laura-chaaaan~ ♥

we havent seen each other but i must say i really have too much fun talking with you. most of our fandoms are similar and i love the fact that despite you love Jin into total bits you're not pushing me into the KT fandom (which i appreciate really, simply because some fans really try and push it too much for others to like their fandom).

and from what i see, you're a very friendly person-- having it written on your profile and your first post. i like the fact that you're very nice and charming among the people you meet on the net (because i must say i am a very antisocial person over the net. hahahaha~)

Im really looking forward to meeting you in person because i know its going to be a swell time! (I have to get some mini something something prepared for you by then! XD) at least the next time i talk to you after that, i'll have a concrete picture in my head instead of a blank silhouette of a person. hee hee~ plus, you'd get to see how crazy i am in person.

oh! and may i say that i am still at awe with your course AAAND you have a very cool dad? :))

oh this comment has gotten long on its own too. XDDDD
26th-Oct-2008 06:49 am (UTC)
>__< i feel like i havent said enough. trust me i could've said more, really. ^^;

anyway, er-- yes and no. yes im dressing up, but no im not cosplaying any character. i just wanna dress up for the sake of dressing up what you want for the ame. ^^ we rarely get a chance to do that, you know. XD so you should too! why dont you dress up as Jun or as Jin? 8DDDD
26th-Oct-2008 07:16 am (UTC)
heeeey~ I'm Jun. *OWNZ*

: P
27th-Oct-2008 04:21 am (UTC)
claimer. XDDDD
27th-Oct-2008 04:52 am (UTC)
ah! i completely missed this the first time >o<

oh yaaaay. who are you dressing up as? i feel like something is wrong with that sentence ahahaha. i should get my haired permed then. XDDDD;
27th-Oct-2008 05:07 am (UTC)
me? i shall be dressing up as a random generic character. :))

that girl up there *coughcoughPOIKA_DOTScoughcough* contemplates no she is determinedto be Jun. lololol~

who are you going as? 83
27th-Oct-2008 05:10 am (UTC)
oh yaaaay JUN. *____________*

hahaha. i have no idea yet. i cannot do Jun or Jin. DDD: i shall contemplate more on this. XDD;
27th-Oct-2008 06:07 am (UTC)
g-go as sho? XDDDD and i shall rape you/force poika_dots to rape you. mwahahahaha
27th-Oct-2008 03:08 pm (UTC)
i still have a kisarazu cats eye hangover so omg the idea is exciting! i'll see if i can fix something up before the AME thing. :DDDD/ it'll be like our OTP in actiooonnnn. oh lol why am i agreeing to be raped? XDD
28th-Oct-2008 07:53 am (UTC)
i have a copy of that but i just cant seem to get around watching it atm. i wanna see bambiiii~ *u* omg, please do! that should be really exciting! 8D both the cosplat and the OTP rape, of course. XDDDD
29th-Oct-2008 03:02 am (UTC)
do watch it!! it's hilarious and sweet and touching, plus sho looks phenomenal in a baseball uniform *____* hahaha. i'll try! :D
29th-Oct-2008 04:34 am (UTC)
yaaaaaay~ RAPE!! 8DDD

uwaaaa~ i know.♥♥♥ plus, i love sho's hair there too. *flail* :3
27th-Oct-2008 02:58 am (UTC)
oh this comment tops mine, you bet. ♥♥♥

thank you so much! :D/ i'm kinda left speechless here, haha. i'm glad that you think of me that way, and i'd rather you find kat-tun's awesomeness on your own instead of me pushing it in your face. :) and you don't seem antisocial at all to me~ :D

Im really looking forward to meeting you in person because i know its going to be a swell time!
this one, i'm just really flattered. sdklnsksd i know i'm going to enjoy meeting you as well, since we've done so much flailing over here. ♥ lolol, my course is nothing special, i can assure you. just lots of land. XD; you should see my dad in person, then you'd see how totally uncool he is. XDDD

and yay for long comments \:D/
27th-Oct-2008 04:29 am (UTC)
yes. i think eventually, i'll find a reason to include KT in my list of fandoms too~♥ (for the meantime i shall envy kame's outfits first. 8DDD)

trust me. i have a very small circle of friends. (but im glad they're all really close to me. ^_^) still looks at my list of LJ friends and laughs then sighs

trust me. it's really true. im that excited whenever i meet new friends, and the fact that i've known some things about you even before we meet makes it all the more exciting. oh AME, please come soon~ :3

still, your course sounds complicated. XS and i need to raid your dad's stash of movieeees~!!! XDDDD
27th-Oct-2008 04:49 am (UTC)
i will wait for that day and then i'll flail with you~ :D/

aaww *pats* that's better than having lots of friends you aren't really that close with! :) heee *touched* ohyes, AME please come soon. *o*

it involves basic stuff though and i guess if you managed to grasp those it'll be easy to tackle the complicated things (which i have yet to do D:) hahaha. the last one he was trying to get us to watch was Hancock. XDD;
27th-Oct-2008 05:10 am (UTC)
yay! we shall flail together! and laugh at the poorly dressed cosplayers who will flail to imitate the character they're supposed to play 8DDDD

yeah, i guess so. i prefer having a few close friends than a lot of people whom im not really in touch much with anyway. :3

oooh, i see. o_o im still scared to shift into anything outside of FA. i-i think i'll die. XDDD

see? i havent even watched that! XDDDD
27th-Oct-2008 05:13 am (UTC)
\:D/ oh lol, those cosplayers. i did see a freaky kame cosplayer. she looked exactly like him DDD:

i've thought about shifting out of eng'g for so many times, but i decided to stick with it anyway haha. XD
27th-Oct-2008 06:09 am (UTC)
OMG. that we're interested to see. does she dress as ghei as kame? 8DDDD

yeah. just think about the money that you'll be earning when you graduate. ooooh~ @_@
27th-Oct-2008 03:07 pm (UTC)
i was totally shocked because i thought that that was Kame posing. she dressed up as Kame in the LIPS PV :D

that's totally true. partly why i am so excited about my course hahaha. XD
28th-Oct-2008 07:57 am (UTC)
wow, she's one amazing cosplayer then! 8D interesting.. was that during the toycon? heard some people went there dressed up as KT. XD

yeah.. i think thats the good part. ok lang mawindang sa studies, if you're going to rake money naman eventually. 8DDDD
29th-Oct-2008 03:00 am (UTC)
really! :DDD hmmm i think she's from singapore or something. XD;

words of wisdom!! haha. kaya kailangan matapos ko itong course na to!! XD
29th-Oct-2008 04:33 am (UTC)
oh i see. looool~ i wonder how kame would react seeing her? 8D

im sure you're going to finish that! im sure naman na you're working hard with your studies so im confident na you're definitely going to graduate! ganbatte!! konti na lang! 8D/
25th-Oct-2008 08:46 am (UTC)

Wow 13 years! ^^ Omedetou Sho~ ^^


That sounds like a very pretty pretty fancy cooooo~ ^________^
26th-Oct-2008 02:38 am (UTC)
first~ m(_ _)m


MAUIIIIIIIIIIII~ (i think i've exhausted myself telling you what you are to me in the card. hahahaha) this person-- i think, must have some sort of charm with her because i always seem to want to hang out with you 24/7. you've been my confidante, my bestfriend, my twin (on days that i am not my brother's sister), my flailmate, and everything else in between. i dont think i would run out of things to say about how wonderful you are and how happy I am being with you.

i will always be amazed at how weird our combination is. i laugh at the psychology pages that i read saying that opposites do not attract. i guess, we're one of the few ones who could prove that they're wrong. and although there are times when i want to believe them, i just know that in the short time we've been together, all the things that we've been through would be enough for us to consider otherwise.

I learn so much about friendship and sticking together with you. i learned that communication is also very important, and that being open narrows the room for misunderstanding.

I'm looking forward to more colorful times with you, dearie~ ^__^ (PS: i just picked the aiba icon because it's colorful.kekeke~ XD)
26th-Oct-2008 07:15 am (UTC)
There is a very good reason why I haven't replied. LOLZ wait lang ^^;

*kicks firefox to the death. TO TEH DEATH I TELL YOUUUUU~*
27th-Oct-2008 04:24 am (UTC)
*kicks you a bit and throws lots of brick at firefox* :P
27th-Oct-2008 01:00 pm (UTC)
Oh yayz I have time to reply : D

I think if I wrote a card to you that comprehensively I would have a hard time beating it too. That message heart warming novel is hard to top deshou? ^^

Well, I supposed I haven't exhausted myself yet--YET XD-- from telling you how important and how great a friend/sister (on days your brother is not my husband)/confidant/ and all those nooks and crannies in between. You're the only person who has ever broken my invisible barrier of fear- fearing that people would never understand me or give me much importance. That weird kind of shield of acting all strong and tough when the truth is there are times you need to vulnerable, and ask for help. You've taught me to trust-- to trust you more importantly-- as I have never been more honest to anyone I know (except for my parents and my cousin, but they're of blood so that doesn't count). I realized that its great to have another limb around, a strong, comfortable, human out there who is willing to accept everything you seem to throw at them. &hearts

I thought an ideal friendship only existed in a realm of cloud castles with pegasus horses and a princess named Barbie.Or Sweet Valley High XDDD

But apparently I was wrong.

Thanks so so so so so very much for all of this,a nd I am hoping for our rainbow brick road to take us to even more colorful/fun/weird/fandom-ylove/great/blessed places.

^_____^ v &hearts
28th-Oct-2008 09:37 am (UTC) - call me mushy but...
aww dear~ that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. i feel like i've accomplished something good in my life hearing those words! im really happy that you think about me that way, and i hope you'll always feel that you're special for me because you do. for a considerably short time that we've been together, i'm happy that i got to find a friend whom i know will always be there for me and will appreciate the small things that i could do.

we might be going through trials almost everyday, but i want you to know that im doing my very best to hold on and be strong for you, not because i promised to some people we know *wink*, but because i know you're doing the same for me too, and i just have faith in our friendship so, so much. i also hope that our love for each other will be strong enough to overcome those obstacles blocking our way.

as much as im fearing graduation, i know that our friendship wont end there. i know with friends like you around me now, i could have a friendship that would last even if we're already decorated with wrinkles on our faces, and children grasping on our hands. :3
30th-Oct-2008 10:08 am (UTC) - Re: call me mushy but...
Well, its what came from your comment deshou? ^^ I'm pretty sure that this friendship of ours will last a lifetime. :) And that nothing would bring us a part. :D *HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGS* Unless you decide to marry your brother, but I'm pretty sure you won't because that we all know is incest deshou? *sarcasm+eyebrow raise here* : P

Thanks for so much really. And I believe I can't pretty much top what I said earlier except if I showered you with Thank You's and Sakurai SHo XDDDD I am in a weirdly comedic mood-- the irony of it is the fact that I can't really laugh at the moment XDDD
25th-Oct-2008 08:47 am (UTC)
*pokes* UWAAA~ May bago ka nang layout! ^_____^

Haha I'm really so laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy XDDDD
26th-Oct-2008 02:41 am (UTC)
yes dear. even though i know you already died with that picture, feel free to die again. hohoho~ XDD
26th-Oct-2008 07:05 am (UTC)
Yes I died again ^_____^

*DIES* 8D~ &hearts &hearts &hearts
25th-Oct-2008 04:02 pm (UTC)
MAKE ME FEEL GOOD, KORA. You are in love with me and I can feel it. /lesbi


8D Happy 13th Sho-cho! *HAS NO EFFIN IDEA*
26th-Oct-2008 03:13 am (UTC)
aww. its okay. i think you're pretty much having a rough time updating yourself with the fandom. shouts eat slugs at bella since im scared that Edward might bite me. XDDDD


(seriously, im lacking inspiration to write for you with your comment. XDDD I AM NOT FOR YURI KTHXBAI)

okay. XDDD I must say Riette is one of the closest people to me and definitely the first person I like running to whenever something bothers me. trust that this person will always give me a very sensible and logical advice.

unlike maui, i think Riette and i have almost the same personality. (im just a sensitive version of her. XDD) but sometimes when i talk to her, i find myself laughing at how similar our approach to things would be.

Im impressed at how frank she is when dealing with everything. I must say that i admire that, Riette. I love the fact that she's not trying hard to be friends with everyone else, especially the ones that she knows wouldn't click with her ideals in life.

This is one person i wish i would've been close with since HS. I cant believe that we've known each other for a loooong time but we never really got to be close until after we graduated. Funny how life spins its chain of events, ne? I wish we could've been at least friends during the time Beo and I we're thinking of taking the talent test. I wish we could've been in FA together! T^T but I could've never been more happier with the fact that you're happy with the route you're taking right now and i have nothing else to say but wish you success and luck with that path. im sure you're going to do well, and i know that God has a reason why he chose that path for you. :)

trust me that you will always and forever be my life partner. I'm looking forward to those rocking chair days in our beach house in Osaka! XDDDD I have lots of things to say, trust me on that too, but i guess i'll end it here, haha. XD
26th-Oct-2008 04:52 am (UTC)
WTF. Do not take that comment srsly. The last time I checked I still have a vagina and I'm still inclined with opposite sex, thank you. D:

And, I don't know why you would throw slugs from Ron's mouth at Bella and I don't have complains, but why the sudden Twilight? :0

Thanks, man. That was heart-warming. And I think I'm back to my normal self now. :Dv

I have regrets but they're not something I might be sad especially that talent test. I do daydream what it could have been but I strictly believe how everything is planned and will fall into place in the right time so. I'm content. And that's what's important.

26th-Oct-2008 06:41 am (UTC)
LOL, what i meant was "you're in love with me~" comment. XDDD dont take it seriously, man. i just meant i lost my will to reply when you know im so deeply in love with you. you know i am. /lesbo. XDDDDDD

because i know that's your fandom at the moment, silly. and since i dont want to be kicked by a screaming horde of women, i'd rather throw my fit at bella since she's ne next person in line. mwahahaha~

lol. im glad you're back to your normal self. i'd still want to see you. i think a little more talk wouldnt hurt, right? :3

yeah. i couldnt help but think how things might have been too. but then again, i know everything happens for a reason so i dont have any complains. im really happy with our places too-- because even though we study in different unis, we still have time to meet up and see how each other's going. that in itself makes me really thankful. :)
11th-Dec-2008 01:05 am (UTC)
hello. :D/ this is a really inappropriate comment to your entry, but i can't find the comment link on your intro post. omg total fail DDD: uhhmm anyway, i'm laura. :D used to go by lost_girl11 and i have now moved into this journal and will probably be using this one until forever. :D

i hope you don't mind if i re-add you? feel free to defriend my old journal btw. :)
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