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16th-Aug-2008 10:32 am - get back!
pirate cupcakes


finally, after weeks and weeks of not-so-happy days and exhausting school works, Im back on blogging again. YAY! i feel so bad that i've been neglecting all the internet lovelies for quite sometime now. i hope you guys havent abandoned me yet! XD

i will definitely get back to doing stuff i really wanted to do. but there seems to be sooo much in line that i dont even know where to start! oh gosh. of all days to be a scatterbrain, it just had to be now.

oh well. at least doing this is one step forward already. be getting back to commenting to flist in a while. YAYZ.

so while im comitting a crime with this NEWS dvd i borrowed with the help of my accomplice momo, I'll be answering this meme given to me by the lovely 

poika_dots. ^^ 

PS: belated happy birthday, kuro_tenshii18!!  *embarassed smile* I've been away for sooo long. XD 


28th-Jul-2008 02:22 pm - Never give up.
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No matter what happens, you'll always be Ohno Satoshi--Arashi's leader.

I was supposed to study today, but not until i get my thoughts on this one straight.
The following news you are about to read came from a tabloid/magazine that was published today and caused quite a havoc on the community. despite the degree of this issue, i must advise you to take this with strict discrepancy as no evidences were presented as previously mentioned. Unless Mr. Kitagawa steps up for arashi will everyone take a rest on this one. (and i really hope he does soon.)

The article that can spell doom for Arashi?Collapse )
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Hi fellow citizens!

now, now- this isnt going to be my usual flail post, but i just wanna let you guys know that i'm still alive. hehehe. it's just that my entire time's pretty much devoted with schoolwork at the moment-- i really do hope to finish this at the end of this week so that i can post and comment regularly (aaaand watch batman, and wall-e, and journey towards the center of the earth.... XP)

but anyway, saw this earlier while i was surfing and decided to give it a try... minna! come try this one out too if you still havent! it's fun. XDDDD  

oh yeah, forgive me as i cant also reply to my f-list for the meantime! i promise i will get back as soon as my heavy schoolwork's done! take care!
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Taken from

lost_girl11's post; I realized i havent really had too much stuff like this in my blog. lol. and to burn some time, of course.

please do not brick me! I know I haven't had too many answers especially on that one JE group! gomen!

anyways, feel free and read my answers to


PS: If someone can point me how to get July's CUT magazine and that STEAMING Myojo August 2008 magazines, let me know ASAP. they're LOVE.♥
21st-Jun-2008 10:07 am - the race is on!
pirate cupcakes

I dunno if anyone notices my absence but anyways, i've been pretty out of the blogging thing again due to two events:
1.) school sucks. it's taking like, 200% of my life nowadays.
2.) I've been in a pretty unfortunate accident, leaving my left shin badly beaten, so whenever i have free time, i mend it up and rest. x_x

anyways, I've just updated and saw the news everyone in the arashi world's talking about-- or shall i say, panicking about?

Shanghai Taipei •  Seoul

28th-May-2008 02:13 am - Layouts!
pirate cupcakes


Finally, I managed to put up my layouts! thanks to

cartonage community for the amaaaazing layout! It was a bit complicated at first, but it was totally fun! Loooove it more now. ♥

the banner didnt turn out as pretty as i intended it to be. lolz. the scanner acted all funny, scanning the pinks and greens into neon hues-- ugh, annoying. but yeah. it's there now.

made some more fanarts-- i'll post some of 'em later on.

PS: psychoxxgarden!! TANJOUBI OMEDETOU!! Hahaha- have you looked at your wheelchair pic already? XDDD
23rd-May-2008 11:07 pm - THREE CHEERS
pirate cupcakes

no more emo sho hiatus pic anymore! LOLZ.

finally, im back to blogging and stuff.

seriously, that was the extent of bio killing me badly. XS

i dunno if im going to pass yet. i really hope so. x_x

but anyways,

i'll be changing layouts, probably by sunday.

poika_dots inspired me to redo my layouts. haha.

i do hope my muse would visit me tomorrow.

i wanna paint something for my header. XD

and fangirl day on tuesday!~ OMG.

omg. i cant waiiiiiiiiit. >_<

haha. we're losing on a representative though. *pats aiba*

moar posts soon~

Moonhound <3
29th-Apr-2008 05:38 pm - *flail flail flail*
pirate cupcakes

pirate cupcakes

i just saw the limited edition scans of Arashi's Dream A'live Limited Edition CD.


well for starters, i still do not have money.

and second, the LE was sold out just about barely a week after pre-orders went up.

i loved the songs in the album (especially once again-although it wasnt included in the LE and Koe)


now there's a 36-page booklet that came with it?!? *tablescratch*


this is annoying.


(although im scared that IF i actually buy that step and go cubic box, someone might sell their dream a live CD.)


and sooo.

25th-Apr-2008 08:55 pm - Seven Things.
pirate cupcakes

I'm supposed to sulk in my little corner of emo-ness reading my report on anthropology, but i decided to be a little brat and do this one instead. my senses say i should do what the tagging captain says so. XDD


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