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About me:
Moonhound is a junior student studying visual communication at the university of the philippines. A self-confessed japanophile who dreams of working in a top class advertising agency in japan one day and hopefully, change the advertising world of japan i can settle with correcting the grammar tho XDDD

About the site:
this journal is everything about fangirlism. if you can't stand it, you're free to leave anytime. it's not being rude or anything, but we all have our own interests. at least, respect mine and i'll respect yours. :D

anyway, my fandom is mainly arashi with NEWS coming in on close second. Yuya Tegoshi and Sho Sakurai practically owns my soul, so should you feel that you are bombarded with excessive flailing about these guys, then that's completely normal. there may be a bit of other JE and Non-JE guys all over the place, but that's just because there's just too many pretty boys in Japan. haha.

Friend me?
Most of my posts are open to the public, except for some random stuff and rants here and there. I try sharing some stuff occasionally, and they're available as long as the servers i uploaded them to permits access to it. So if you plan on adding me, just let me know. :)

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