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Live. Love. Lead. Learn.
let your frustrations slip away.
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27th-Apr-2015 02:14 am - welcome post.
pirate cupcakes


Welcome to my little journal of fangirliness. if you happen to land here by mistake, simply press the back button or the close tab button on your navigator. thank you.

on the other hand, if you find my fandom amusing, or at some point- entertaining, (or if you share the same fandom as i do) feel free to add me! <3

i dont really post personal occurences that often, although i put it here sometimes- more often it's on my other blog, (the one that's nearly dying-- LOL)

it's currently F-Locked, but if you do have a multiply account, you can add me up nevertheless.
link is here. :D
by the way. i don't really add people there unless i know them. so anonymous-san, if you're going to add me in multiply, please introduce yourself a bit. thank you! <3

I guess that would be it for now. take care lovelies, and have a nice day! *hands cupcake*


"These days I've been busy
But I'll see you, I'm going to see you
The time revolving around, move this world
Collecting now in my hands the stars which I'm finding
For whom am I singing? Your voice is calling me
Everything is gonna start, Hello Goodbye"

Hello Goodbye- Aiba masaki
translation by: ayuchan.vox.com

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3rd-Jun-2013 07:45 pm - OH EM GEE ITS FINALLY DONE.
tego approves

finally! after days of thinking about how to put up the entire thing, and forcing myself to finish it asap-- I FINALLY HAS MY ONLINE PORTFOLIO NAO! *insert cheers & applause here*

I feel like im such a complete failure as a designer if I dont have my online portfolio posted like my other colleagues. T_T its nothing much, but I hope it serves its purpose well representing me and my four years at design school. ( ._.)

its here! http://roxybunag.carbonmade.com feel free to visit it, friends!

constructive criticisms are also welcome, just let me know!♥♥♥

thats all for today~
25th-Aug-2010 12:23 pm - and now its all over.
pirate cupcakes

credit: ciaoeli.tumblr.com

I just finished a battle with dengue- battling with the disease for a week or so was not only draining, but quite an eye opener for me as well. I realized who were the ones who are actually worried about how I am, and those who were just informed but didn't really care as much as I thought they would. nonetheless, I bet they have their own reasons and I sincerely respect that. No hard feelings anymore.

Im pretty sure to anyone who went down with the same illness as I did, you know how much pain and trouble dengue can bring. Though I'm pretty fortunate not to have a blood transfusion (who knew? my immune system is still pretty much working nicely. i underestimated it! XD) so with that I am very grateful.

Still, the pain of having blood samples taken every single day, the pain of that stupid "bleeding time" (that's the worst. ugh.), the pain of those dengue side-effects (like migraine, the sockets and the nerves of your eyes hurting to hell, cramps, etc.) and all those lack of appetite because there's always this sickening feeling of throwing up-- dengue is one badass illness. end of story.

I just wanted to say this out loud so that people can get aware how dengue isn't such a nice visitor when it decides to pay a visit on you. I used to be just so ignorant about it, not caring about how it can target anyone-- and how it can make its stay a kind of living hell for you. 

so please everyone-- especially those living here in the Philippines and reading this-- please do take care! Dengue is so prevalent nowadays and everyone should exercise caution and alertness. its better to be safe than sorry. once you feel like you're down with flu, dont take it too lightheartedly (i did, when it started!); best to go see your doctor so that they can help you even when your platelets are still high.

with that said. oh gosh, i would NEVER want to have dengue again.

I would like to take this opportunity to say my special thanks to poika_dots for being there and supporting and constantly praying for me during the entire time I was sick. throughout the course of my illness, you proved to me how indispensable of a friend you are. for visiting me during the times i was seriously weak (and totally at my inglorious self XDD) and asking your church friends to pray for me-- I know I became better because of your help and support. I ♥ you twin!

and to psychoxxgarden for always checking out on me even when i got better already. thank you so much for your concern and making sure that I'm okay now.

and to all my other friends who checked up on me while I was sick! shout out to you guys-- your prayers definitely helped me get back sooner than I expected. thank you so much.

That's it, for now-- so those who are reading this, please do take care always! no matter where you are, please take good care of your health so that you won't have to get down with any disease! Peace!♥


8th-Aug-2010 04:49 pm - too much love.
sho sniggers with his creased face.♥♥♥
I was on my way home yesterday last night at around 8PM or so and I had to ride a van which would bring me straight home. 

Suddenly, Edith Piaf's Non je ne regrette rien started playing on my ipod, so I decided to put it on loop to relax a bit. (my legs are killing me! x__x)

and as I tilted my head back on the seat,

I realized--

It was also raining really hard.

really, I was waiting for a giant train to come crashing in on where I am. Its that coincidental. hahaha~
9th-Jun-2010 12:12 am - total post of randomness
love or lust?
From the July issue of Potato magazine:

Jun: I've heard Sho-kun's piano ♥.

(source: sakumoto community)

well, sho's been studying his piano lessons again (good boy.♥) and apparently, this little fanboy heard and bragged about it. hmp. :D


or isnt this a subtle hint that sho miiiiight be doing a solo for the new album? eeek OMG. more reasons to buy the album. YAY!♥


PS: omg, doctor on a piano, anyone? 8D/
29th-Mar-2009 11:30 pm - Paging.
pirate cupcakes

still in the middle of working in school, but...

anyone here a friend of cho-chan? cho_colatosa 's account seems to be deleted the last time i checked, and i dont know where she went! D8 anyone who knows her could possibly tell me what happened or where she went? Cho, if you're reading this, i hope you PM me! ;____;
pirate cupcakes
In a desperate attempt to revive my dying blog life, i decided to accept a random meme when i happened to drop by quartered's livejournal.

that random get-to-know-you-better meme.Collapse )

So thats it~ a seemingly concise explanation about the things Lau-chan associates with me. Its really fun to do memes- but right now, like i said, i have a letter, composed right after i saw yuckie-chan's scans.

click here to read about that certain letter.Collapse )

Also- Again, please visit our main store! and our updates journal- we're hoping you could recommend Peach Drops to your friends~!

and if there's anyone who could sketch, or send me a picture of what a Bloody Monday strap looks like(no, im not attempting a British expression- it's that drama with Miura Haruma, i think) send me- that'd be greatly appreciated! thaaanks~! 83</div>
18th-Feb-2009 12:15 pm - Shameless promotion and whatnots.
pirate cupcakes
25th-Oct-2008 02:09 pm(no subject)
pirate cupcakes

taken from lost_girl11
Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you. If I don't know you, I'll either make something up or tell you why I like your livejournal. You must pay for the privilege by posting a message like this one on your livejournal.

this seems interesting, so i'd try it out. ^__^ also, since i've been too lazy posting-- Happy 13th Anniversary, Sho-kun! I wasnt aware that it was his anniversary until roamed around the comms. hee hee~ looks like Mr. Newscaster is truly a sempai in the JE world! *sniggers*

I havent bought cute school shoes to pair for my AME outfit yet-- i wonder where to buy? since i've got feet as big as a troll's. lulz. XD

also, Im in love with NEWS's concert theme this year-- Winter Party Diamond! it sounds like a victoria's secret fashion show title tho. hahaha~ but i dont care! the hat pin, strap, and the penlight are total ♥♥♥~
20th-Oct-2008 06:58 pm - im still alive. believe me.
pirate cupcakes

wow~ it's been a while since i left, ne? i hope minna still remembers me. LOL~!

im sorry if i left without posting up a hiatus message but i was just really busy that i dont even have the time to update my blog anymore.

i'll be redesigning my page (hopefully when laziness stop attacking me. XDDD) and upping some bit of goodies too. ^__^

just to let you guys know. take care!

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