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Live. Love. Lead. Learn.
let your frustrations slip away.
A meme, and a letter to a certain someone. 
20th-Feb-2009 08:24 pm
pirate cupcakes
In a desperate attempt to revive my dying blog life, i decided to accept a random meme when i happened to drop by quartered's livejournal.

As said previously, from quartered

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

what do i say? I'm currently studying in the Fine Arts department of our Uni.
I come from a family lineage of art enthusiasts, though technically, but not necessarily,
capable of producing a masterpiece. 
I love everything there is about art. I think it's a wonderful outlet to release anything that
could'nt be contained in just a single form. be it words, pictures or sound,
I think it's something that's worthy to be treasured and shared with everyone. :)

University of the Philippines. Unibersidad ng Pilipinas.
one of the most prestigious schools in our country,
and though i may be awfully biased, the best place there is, ever.
I love the fact that UP seems to be a melting pot of the Filipino society;
its a great place to be in order to learn not just plain textbook knowledge, but also
to learn about the different facets of the Filipino youth.
Some may be immensely interesting, others just plain annoying-
but nonetheless, gives you a slice of life, a piece of reality waiting just outside the university walls.

Sakurai Sho.
And suddenly, This guy. XDDD

Changed my entire outlook on the perfect guy.
I was perfectly contented with drooling over Hayden Christensen
(don't get me wrong- I still do. *snigger*) and Hyun Bin--
but this Keio dork came and took me by a storm. DAMMIT. :/
Nonetheless, i wont complain- he's the cutest guy for me and the best thing ever since Lance Bass confessed that he was gay.

I distinctly remembered strolling over that wonderful utopia of pirated DVDs and Box Sets in Quiapo
when i stumbled across a store selling concerts of Japanese Groups and bands.
Me, being an arashi super-fan by then, decided to find some other JE groups to fangirl aside from them
and thus, i ended up buying a K8 concert as well as that NEWS neverending wonderful story con.
watching it that night, i must say i was initially bored-- until i heard this LOVELY MAN sing.
and by this LOVELY MAN, im talking about TEGOSHI YUYA.
so yeah. to make it short, i practically drooled over his voice, and BAM- im hooked. NEWS FAN DESU~ XDDD

what is not to love about this lovely rainbow crack?
it was for this lovely crack that lm losing quite an ample amount of money,
ample amount of external disk space,
and everything there is to lose.
but I gained a lot of friends,
and learned how to appreciate the Japanese culture more than i thought i would.
It was through them i appreciated music not just because its fun, and lifts your mood,
but it affects you in ways that transcends even the barriers of both language and culture.

So thats it~ a seemingly concise explanation about the things Lau-chan associates with me. Its really fun to do memes- but right now, like i said, i have a letter, composed right after i saw yuckie-chan's scans.

Dear Newscaster Chipmunk,

Please stop being hot, its not even funny. Even  cho_colatosa</lj>  complains about you consuming her money AND I DEFINITELY AGREE. its frustrating me as well that i cant see you in person with your lovely hotness. please dont be too lovely, okay? I know Nino's becoming increasingly hot with his new hairdo, but you need not to compete because many are suffering. you're not helping us, especially with the financial crisis that's occurring! so spare us from your unbelievable sexiness and stay as completely dorky and loser that you originally are. and yes, that white cat suit just does the trick, but im still frustrated because you're incredibly cute, its not even possible.

spare yourself from potential stalkers and obey what i advice you.

Love lots,

Also- Again, please visit our main store! and our updates journal- we're hoping you could recommend Peach Drops to your friends~!

and if there's anyone who could sketch, or send me a picture of what a Bloody Monday strap looks like(no, im not attempting a British expression- it's that drama with Miura Haruma, i think) send me- that'd be greatly appreciated! thaaanks~! 83

20th-Feb-2009 02:10 pm (UTC)
you're sick? :( i love how you described arashi hee ♥ also--this is me being biased or something but meh--i really think UP is the best too. *A*

these sho scans are definitely helping the heat melt my brain. asjdbas
20th-Feb-2009 02:35 pm (UTC)
well... my head kinda hurts, and I've been pretty down lately due to stress so... ;___; but im okay, nothing really serious. ^^;

hee, arashi's really so much amazing-- i had this conversation with a fan before and its really amazing how their music can inspire you- especially when you take their lyrics seriously. especially Nino, its scary how that imp could turn songs so painfully beautiful. *sigh*

deshou neee~? its really nice to study in UP. After spending a summer doing a workshop in FA, i was completely captivated by the UP lifestyle and realized there's nowhere id rather be except in UP. X3

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